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The Best Fragrances of 2013 - Countdown of the Top 10 Sellers

     With 2013 coming to an end, we thought it would be interesting to analyze 2013's top sellers. So without further delay here are the top 10 sellers at Fragrance Buy...


 10) Versace Bright Crystal Perfume - Versace's flagship scent still managed to retain its position in our top 10 best sellers chart. Its intricate blend of pomegranate, fresh lotus and underlying floral accord has found its place in the hearts of millions of Versace fragrance lovers. We expect this to remain a top seller in 2014 as well.

 9) One Direction Our Moment Perfume - We're not sure if its the grapefruit or woody notes that made this scent so famous, or if its the underlying popularity of these young artists. Nonetheless, we've rarely seen a fragrance so hot in demand that we had to backorder twice within a span of a week to keep up with demand. We anticipate the popularity of this fragrance to taper off in 2014, as the band contemplates a new fresh offering in the new year.

 8) Oscar De La Renta Perfume - Its been over 30 years, but the magnificent blend of lavender, rosemary and carnation has made this scent a classic favourite for women. This, combined with Fragrancebuy's almost 50% discount of the MSRP made this fragrance a 2013 top 10 winner!

 7) Diesel only the Brave Cologne - A heroic scent indeed! This cologne accentuates oriental, leather and woody accords, making it a top and highly desired masculine scent. The fragrance, which also boasts a unique "fist" shaped bottle is a great display for fragrance collectors. We anticipate Only The Brave to maintain its heroic popularity among fans well into 2014.

 6) Katy Perry Killer Queen - The royal fragrance, whose bottle in a shape of a ruby was one of the most sought of Christmas gifts of 2013. Its blend of red flower, patchouli and jasmine struck an accord with Katy Perry fans. As with all her fragrances, we expect Katy Perry's scent to maintain great popularity in 2014 as well.

 5) Nautica Voyage - The fresh scent of Nautica, with apple, cedar and amber at its core was the best in value gift for 2013, especially since we listed it at 1/3 the MSRP. It topped our best sellers list of fragrances under $25 for 2013.

 4) Calvin Klein CK One - This uniscent fragrance has been a top scent for men and women alike for the last 18 years. Its lemon-like appeal, combined with base notes of sandalwood and lily-of-the-valley has made it a continuing success. We expect this fragrance to maintain its appeal among active fragrance users of all ages throughout the coming years.

 3) Dolce Gabanna Light Blue Perfume - Fresh elements of lime and cedar mimic the scene of south woods on the seashore in Dolce Gabanna's most succesful scent. Despite its slightly higher than average price tag, it continued to memorize fans throughout 2013. We anticipate its popularity to continue well into 2014.

 2) Euphoria by Calvin Klein Perfume- The highest selling woman's fragrance of 2013, Euphoria is a mysterious and appealing scent, reminding users of dark exotic flowers. It blends lotus, black orchid and red woods to create a beautiful and long lasting scent. Its iconic unique curve-shaped bottle is often scene in magazines and Cinema. As always, we expect Euphoria to maintain its popularity well into 2014 and beyond.

 1) Eternity by Calvin Klein Cologne - Without a doubt, this fragrance is the epitome of masculinity. Despite commencing its 3rd decade of existence, this cologne excites its users with its exotic mixture of lavender, mandarin orange, lemon, basil, sandalwood, amber and musk, just to name a few. We moved over 500 bottles of Eternity this year and its tops Fragrancebuy's top 10 list of best selling fragrances of 2013.


     What do you think? Are certain fragrances listed above not deserving of their rank? Leave your comments and initiate a discussion on our faceboook page.

     We at Fragrancebuy wish you all a happy 2013, and look forward to serving you again in 2014.


     Happy New Year!


     Team Fragrancebuy