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Top 5 Valentines Day Gifts that put the `S`in `Sexy`


    We at Fragrancebuy know its tough choosing the best gift for your loved one. Among the thousands of gift ideas, we know you may wonder which fragrance will show the affection the way you want it to.

     That's why we've put together the TOP 5 Sexiest Valentines Day Gifts for Him and Her, based on consumer popularity. Purchasing any of the below is bound to get the affectionate reaction you're looking for.


Editors Choice: 5 Sexiest Gifts For Her this Valentines Day

 # 1 - Vera Wang Princess

Every girl loves to be called a princess, and they probably are in many different ways. Show her your affection by gifting this royal fragrance, now on sale at Fragrance Buy Canada

#2: Viva La Juicy Couture


 An all-time classic, this all-time favourite shows what the Couture brand is all about. It was winner of our best selling perfume in 2012 for women`s fragrance and will surely be one of the best ways to win her heart. Purchase the gift set now, at Fragrance Buy Canada.


#3: Dolce Gabanna Light Blue


Every girl loves D&G. This breezy scent evokes the inner freshness within each woman. Plus we have stocked a cute travel size so she can take it on the go. Check it now at Fragrance Buy Canada.


#4: Gucci Guilty

It`s not longer a secret. Woman do not feel guilty admitting their fondness of owning a Gucci product. One of Gucci`s iconic and best selling scents of the new year, Gucci Guilty is one scent that will make you guilty of winning her `scent`sational love. Purchase now at Fragrance Buy Canada.


#5: Pink Sugar


 Cute and sassy is the best way to describe this sweet perfume. It smells like cotton-candy and we at Fragrancebuy know how most woman love to indulge in this scent`s inner sweetness. Available in travel and large sizes at Fragrance Buy Canada.


Editors Choice: 5 Sexiest Gifts For Him this Valentines Day


#1: Burberry Brit


Burberry`s Brit is every man`s favourite scent. With the cold Canadian winter at its peak, this fragrance is bound to make him feel cozy and smell his sexiest. Available now at Fragrance Buy Canada.


#2: Cool Water


Its been one of the best selling brands in decades. Every man loves to smell fresh, and Cool Water ignites that freshness with every spray. Plus its on sale now for under $30 at Fragrance Buy Canada.


#3:  Polo Red


It`s only been in the market for a few months, but Polo Red has caused a stir in the cologne industry. Its masculine woody notes have sparked a connection and every woman loves her man to smell the way Ralph Lauren has conjectured with this latest cologne offering. Available now at Fragrance Buy Canada.


#4: Issey Miyake


Issey Miyake has been a legend in the industry for years. Its citrus undernotes have struck a cord with its users, making it an all time favourite. Plus, we`ve got a gift set on sale this week, so grab it now at Fragrance Buy Canada.


#5: Boss Bottled

Hugo Boss. Warm, woody, sexy. This is 2014`s best seller at FragranceBuy and righteously so. Its amber freshness and longevity make it a favourite amongst men all around the world. Purchase now at Fragrance Buy Canada.