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Gift-card Redemption Process

Hello FragranceBuy family! 


At FragranceBuy, our goal is to provide the best possible deals to our customers right off the bat, however loyalty to our company is not gone unnoticed. To reward our loyal customers, we provide an extensive loyalty program free of charge! 


With that being said, it can be a confusing process to use some of these rewards, most noticeably the redemption and use of our gift cards. Rest assured, after reading this blog, you will be a gift card redemption master!


The first step to getting your gift card using the sprays which you have obtained through our loyalty program, is to head over to our website and log in:
Once logged in, the next step is to redeem your gift card redemption code in the rewards portal ($10 or $50). In order to do this, click the loyalty program widget on the bottom right hand of your screen and then click "Ways to redeem":

You will now see all the various rewards you can redeem, proceed to redeeming the value of gift card that you desire, in this example we will be redeeming the $10 gift card, however the process is the same for a $50 gift card. Once you click redeem, you will see the gift card redemption code (which is also emailed to you), kindly copy this:

After ensuring that your cart is empty, kindly proceed to the gift cards page, you find this by either clicking the following link: (, or you can just search up gift cards in the search area as shown below:
Step 4
Select the value of the gift card redemption code from the drop down menu and add it to your empty cart, since we redeemed a $10 gift card for our example, we will be adding this to cart:
Step 5
Go to check out and enter the redemption code which was copied in the earlier steps (if you have lost the code, it was also emailed to you, so kindly locate the redemption code from there) at checkout and hit apply, complete the purchase and your gift card will then be emailed to you:



The gift card is now in your email, the last step is to copy the gift card code and enter it in the checkout when placing your order. Although it may seem a bit long and tedious at first, once you redeem 1 or 2 gift cards, you will quickly realize that this process is quite simple and easy to remember. Should you still have any issues with redeeming or locating your gift cards, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], have a wonderful day FragranceBuy family!