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Shipping Schedule

Kindly note the current schedule indicating the estimated delivery time for your order AFTER it has shipped and left our facility (1-3 business days)

Please note: Saturdays and Sundays are not business days. Please exclude them from the business day calculation below:

Current Delivery Times:

Toronto & GTA - Order delivered within 6 hours to 36 hours AFTER shipping out via Local Courier (see below for coverage area)

Ontario - Order delivered within 1-3 business days AFTER shipping out via Fedex or UPS (Canada Post + 3-12 days)

Quebec - Order delivered within 1-4 business days AFTER shipping out via Fedex or UPS (Canada Post + 3-12 days)

New Brunswick / Manitoba / Saskatchewan / Alberta / BC/ Nova Scotia - Order delivered within 5-9 business days AFTER shipping via Fedex or UPS (Canada Post + 3-12 days)

Newfoundland//PEI/ NT/NU/Yukon - Order delivered within 7-9 business days AFTER shipping via Fedex or UPS (Canada Post + 3-12 days)

United States of America - Parcels ship via Fedex for delivery within 1-3 business days (excludes any customs clearance delays which are out of our control or rural routes). We do not ship to APO addresses, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska at this time. Scans go live at the courier hub the following business day of receiving tracking information at 8pm.

Please note: rural locations may require extra time to delivery. All Canadian rural addresses and PO Box addresses will be auto-shipped via CanadaPost to optimize the travel time to you regardless of the carrier selected at checkout. Please ensure your buzzer number is added to your shipping address to ensure timely delivery. Multiple orders going to the same address on the same shipping day will be combined as one shipment.

Local Courier Coverage: For local customers, we're please to optimize your shipping speed to 24 hour delivery service at no additional cost! Our FragBuy courier service delivers within 6 hours with cutoff time 10am. Status updates are texted to your phone by our driver 10 minutes prior to and at delivery. Upon delivery, the courier will also take a photo to confirm delivery at your location to ensure a safe FragBuyExperience.

Our courier service delivers to the following postal codes: L1N; L1P; L1R; L1S; L1T; L1Z; L1V; L1W; L1X; L1Y; L3P; L3R; L3S; L3T; L3Y; L3X; L3ZL4A; L4B; L4C; L4E; L4G; L4H; L4J; L4K; L4L; L4S; L4T; L4V; L4W; L4X; L4Y; L4Z; L5A; L5B; L5C; L5E; L5G; L5H; L5J; L5K; L5L; L5M; L5N; L5P; L5R; L5S; L5T; L5V; L5W; L6A; L6B; L6C; L6E; L6G; L6H; L6J; L6K; L6L; L6M; L6P; L6R; L6S; L6T; L6V; L6W; L6X; L6Y; L6Z; L7A; L7E; L7G; L7L; L7M; L7N; L7P; L7R; L7S; L7T; L8E; L8G; L8H; L8J; L8K; L8L; L8M; L8N; L8P; L8R; L8S; L8T; L8V; L8W; L9A; L9B; L9C; L9G; L9H; L9K; L9N; L9T; M1B; M1C; M1E; M1G; M1H; M1J; M1K; M1L; M1M; M1N; M1P; M1R; M1S; M1T; M1V; M1W; M1X; M2H; M2J; M2K; M2L; M2M; M2N; M2P; M2R; M3A; M3B; M3C; M3H; M3J; M3K; M3L; M3M; M3N; M4A; M4B; M4C; M4E; M4G; M4H; M4J; M4K; M4L; M4M; M4N; M4P; M4R; M4S; M4T; M4V; M4W; M4X; M4Y; M5A; M5B; M5C; M5E; M5G; M5H; M5J; M5K; M5L; M5M; M5N; M5P; M5R; M5S; M5T; M5V; M5W; M5X; M6A; M6B; M6C; M6E; M6G; M6H; M6J; M6K; M6L; M6M; M6N; M6P; M6R; M6S; M7A; M7R; M7Y; M8V; M8W; M8X; M8Y; M8Z; M9A; M9B; M9C; M9L; M9M; M9N; M9P; M9R; M9V; M9W

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