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Our Easter Egg E-Hunt is On NOW - Win $50!!!



Please note: Our Easter Egg Hunt is now over. Check back next Easter for a more challenging and rewarding fragrant egg hunt!



Easter's here and so is our annual Easter Egg E-hunt! Let the games begin!

How to Play:
• We're going to plant 21 Easter eggs across (on April 2nd, 3pm) as images, located within individual product pages. The eggs look like this:

• Each egg contains a "secret letter" beneath it
• Put together the 21 "secret letters" to form our "Secret Code"
• 1st person to submit all successful answers in the contest widget wins $50!

• Work together with friends if you get stuck....because if the "Secret Code" is found, we're going to make it a "Coupon Code" for our BIGGEST SALE of 2015. 

We know it isn't that easy finding 21 eggs in a catalogue of over a 2000 items. So we're prepared some clues to help you in the Easter Egg Hunt. Also, we're going to give you the answer to the first clue to get things going! See contest widget for details:

To maintain the spirit of Easter, we will let the Egg Hunt continue for the duration of the weekend and announce the fastest winner along with their entry time stamp on our Facebook Page.

Happy Hunting!

Team Fragrancebuy