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ScentStory - The Collection Grows

24 ScentStory - The Collection Grows

Discover the latest liquid treasures in the ScentStory collection.

24 Ice Gold, 24 Elixir Azur, 24 Elixir Ambrosia and 24 Elixir Neroli are now available exclusively at Fragrancebuy Canada.

ScentStory - Telling Stories Through Scent

The Story Behind 24 Ice Gold:

Across the Ice Field

The dogs were barking with excitement, pulling the sled fast away across the endless ice floe, leaving a warm musky trail in the crispy arctic air. Wrapped in the fur blankets I could still smell the comforting wooden scent of the camp fire that we had left early morning. As I shouted a brief order to the dogs they shortly came to a standstill. I came off the sled in silence, I could feel the snow cracking under my feet. Standing there, alone in the middle of this iced wilderness, I savoured the preciousness of the moment. The dazzling glitter of the icefield topped by the endless ice blue sky was just fascinating. I felt the warmth of the golden sun on my cheeks. I took a deep breath. It was icy cold, bright, powdery and musky. Strong and amazingly attractive. The scent of strength and freedom.

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The Story Behind 24 Elixir Azur:

A Road Trip Across the “Riviera”

It was like blending in the backdrop from a 1960 French movie as I was driving on those little-used roads winding their way up and down through the unspoilt countryside. Hues of green, grey and blue, shaded orchard-covered hills exhaling their leafy fruity fragrances alternating with lanes of fragrant purple lavender fields; the sweet scent of artemisia mingling with blossoming orange trees…the apparent bareness of the landscape was an actual delight for the senses. The road was literally carved out of the mountainside, snaking along like a powerful fragrant trail. As I took the last turn and caught sight of the glittering lights of the town down there, I thought of you, your cheerful smile, the dinner we would have in our secret place next to the sea, and could almost smell its comfortable scent, an elegant blend of amber, musk, and vanilla. 

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The Story Behind 24 Elixir Ambrosia:

Through the Garden of Delights

Sweet and joyful memories rushed back to my mind as I opened the creaking wooden gate of the family garden. I hadn’t been there in years, it was smaller and cozier than in my childhood memories, and overflowing with trees and flowers. I walked around the bush of wild roses where we used to play hide and seek. The mouth-watering scent of flowers and musky wood scoupled with the reminder of the sweet feast we would inevitably have hidden in the green house was irresistible. I sat comfortably in the shade of the tall cypress as we used to do. From there, I had a perfect view of the flowerbed of white lilies. The breeze carried the sweet smell of the jasmine tree that climbed the wall of the winter garden, looking after the precious vanilla pods in the greenhouse. Although I couldn’t see it from where I was, I was confident it was blooming. I abandoned myself to the comforting feeling of belonging to the place and took a tiny bag of violet sweets out of my pocket. I took a deep breath. It was the scent of happiness at dawn. 

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The Story Behind 24 Elixir Neroli:

Cultural Wander

I first recognized the long avenue bordered with tall trees by its distinctive scent. An invigorating blend of orange blossom and the deep comforting smell of fresh tobacco leaves, reminiscent of the old tobacco factory at the end of the street. I walked passed the old building that had once inspired the Carmen novel. The whole atmosphere was as unique and vibrant as the characters of the famous Opera. Sparkling, seductive, warm and slightly dramatic. Leaving the vibrant atmosphere behind me,I entered the narrow streets of the barrio, still surrounded by the comforting musky trail. Gems of gardens were hiding behind high white washed walls, only given away by mischievous notes of fruity fragrances. Intrigued, I boldly pushed a heavily studded wooden door, revealing the most sumptuous patio I had ever seen. Covered in green mosaic and organized around a crystalline water fountain, it was shaded by a majestic fig tree that was putting the ultimate touch to this unforgettable scented picture. 

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ScentStory 24 is a brand that tells stories through scent and is a tribute to sheer excellence in perfume, cologne and fragrance. Fragrancebuy is proud to be ScentStory's official retail outlet in Canada.