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Welcome to the FRAGBUY CREW

Join the Loyalty Program
Eau 'Fresh'
0 - 999 sprays earned
1 spray for every $1 spent
Eau 'Collector'
1000 - 4999 sprays earned
5x Free shipping coupons
100 bonus sprays
2 sprays for every $1 spent
Eau 'Addict'
5000 sprays earned
1x Free $25 gift card
2x Free 10% coupons
200 bonus sprays
3 sprays for every $1 spent

Ways to Earn Points

All crew members start off in the 'Eau Fresh' VIP designation. As you earn more sprays (i.e. points), you move up the ranks to the higher Eau 'Collector' and then highest Eau 'Addict' VIP status. We also reward you with special coupons and gift cards when you reach each milestone! To show you just how much much we cherish your loyalty and referrals, you can gain reward sprays in more ways than just purchasing your favourite products. Here are some of the exciting ways that you can earn sprays:
100 sprays
For creating an account.
10 sprays
For liking on Facebook.
10 sprays
For sharing on Facebook.
10 sprays
For following on Twitter.
15 sprays
For sharing on Twitter.
10 sprays
For following on Instagram.
50 sprays
On your birthday.

Invite a Friend

We know you love our stellar service and the best compliment possible is nothing more than a referral! Now, get rewarded for all the word-of-mouth exercise you've been doing! Simply invite your friends (who currently don't have an account) to our store and we will instantly reward them with a $5 coupon for their first purchase. Then we'll top up your account with a bonus 250 sprays once they complete their purchase! Its our way of saying thanks for being a FragBuy Crew Member! Its a win-win for everybody!
$5 off coupon
When friend makes first purchase.

Ways to Spend Points

Once you've accumulated some hard-earned sprays, you'll be able to spend them in several ways. Here is a list of how you can redeem coupons with your loyalty sprays (Please note redemption values are in Canadian currency).
$5 off CAD
For 250 sprays
10 %
For 1000 sprays
Free Shipping For 350 sprays

Gift Card 550 sprays = $10 CAD Gift Card 2750 sprays = $50 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I spend my sprays (i.e. points)? Click on the "FRAGBUY CREW" loader tab. Then click on "view all redeemable rewards" in the widget. You can spend your sprays by clicking on "Redeem" next to the reward you want to claim.
  • How much does it cost to join? Our loyalty program is totally free! Its our way of thanking you for being an awesome customer and joining the crew!
  • Is there a limit to how many order sprays I can get? Do my sprays expire? Of course not! We want to reward your loyal orders! Your sprays will never expire and can be used whenever you are ready to place an order.
  • Do tier perks repeat? Unfortunately no. You only get the perks the first time you reach the tier milestone. However, your accelerated earning schedule starts once you reach that new tier, meaning you will be able to redeem higher value rewards faster than ever before!
  • I don't see my spray balance updating. What's going on? Please allow 10 minutes for the spray balance to update. If there are still issues simply email us and we would be happy to help. :)
  • Do I get sprays for old purchases? Unfortunately sprays can only be accumulated for purchases after our loyalty program launch date of May 19th 2017. Sprays are automatically accrued for product purchases (excluding shipping and taxes) after this date provided you were registered in the program prior to placing the order. You will only earn points on orders placed after you have created a store account. Sprays cannot be added retroactively.
  • Do I need to create a new account? Nope. If you already have an enabled Fragrancebuy store account you are automatically enrolled into the loyalty program. Simply click on "LOG IN" within the FRAGBUYCREW widget (do not click "create a new store account") and we'll preload everything else in the loader for you. If your account was not setup correctly on our store or if you have any trouble logging in, simply send us an email and our customer service team would be happy to activate it and get you on you way to start earning! Click here to view the terms and conditions of our loyalty program.
  • Will I get downgraded to lower VIP Tiers if I spend my points? Absolutely not! Your VIP status is determined by your accumulated spray earnings and not by your points balance. We encourage you to earn and redeem your hard-earned sprays frequently. Its always uphill within the FragBuyCrew program! :)
  • Which currency are redemptions made in? As we are a Canadian company, and since ultimately the checkout is in Canadian dollars, kindly note redemptions are in Canadian funds.
  • Can coupons be combined? Unfortunately coupons cannot be combined. Only one coupon code can be applied per order. However gift cards and coupon codes CAN be stacked in a single order.