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How to get the best Fragrancebuy Deal?

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You want the best bang for your đŸ’Č and ideally the absolute best possible deal. We totally get it! But why should you have to wait for special promotions? Why should you be told when to buy? As a fragrance collector, a repeat FragBuy client or simply a busy online shopper looking to get the best possible deal, wouldn't it be sweet if you had access to this best deal when you want, 365 days a year?đŸ€”

Introducing Our Famous
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Let's lay the facts first. At Fragrancebuy, we already try to list our best price right off the bat, with savings on designer and niche perfumes of up to 75% off. In other words our fragrance deals are already quite aggressive and you're getting a BIG discount already when compared to retail pricing. 

However, we understand as a customer you always want to have a little something extra and sometimes you may even wait (đŸ˜±) for special events like Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Boxing Day where retailers often offer additional savings.

But really, you shouldn't have to wait! In fact, at Fragrance Buy, we feel you (especially when you're a regular) shouldn't be told as a consumer when to buy a product this way.

Understanding the general expectations of savings for our valued customers, we've rolled out a comprehensive loyalty program, which we call The FragBuy Crew. 😎


As a returning customer and regular buyer, instead of you having to wait for any promotion, our goal through the program is to enable you to have the best possible deal available at your fingertips when you want, how you want through the loyalty program itself.


You earn sprays for each purchase and can convert those sprays into $5 coupons, FREE SHIPPPING codes, $10 gift cards, 10% discount codes and for our power re-sellers even a $50 additional gift card. The additional savings are all available in your rewards portal when you want it, and the redeemed codes themselves never expire. Add to this a progressive VIP Tier system gives you accelerated sprays that add up faster and faster, leading to the potential of the most ultimate FragBuy Deal (Regular Crew Members have actually even earned FREE bottles of some expensive Roja and Xerjoff perfumes through this loyalty program đŸ€Ż).


So redeem what you want, buy when you want and rest assured as a FragBuyCrew VIP customer, you will always get the best possibleÂ đŸ”„Â deal through a loyalty program redemption itself. Depending on your shopping cart we leave the choice of redemption in your hands. The best part is that any redeemed reward CAN be stacked with our GroupBuy5 promotion, allowing you to have $5, $10, 10%, $50 codes above FREE Shipping as well.




If you haven't done so already, sign up for the FragBuyCrew 

P.S. New customers through a referral link to the program get $5 off their first order, and most customers get FREE SHIPPING after the first or second order itself! Its a self fulfilling loyalty program designed to maximize your savings!


Need a referral link but don't know an existing Crew Member?

Here's our own referral link just for you to thank you for reading this blog. That's an extra $5 discount off your first order with us when you signup - - >

Happy Savings!



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