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Cartier is French luxury goods conglomerate which is primarily engaged in the design, manufacture, and distribution of exquisitely crafted jewellery as well as watches. Additionally, the brand has also been producing fine fragrances for both men and women since the early 1980s. Working with industry expert noses such as Mark Buxton and Jacques Cavallier, Cartier have developed an impressive catalogue of over one hundred releases for the perfumery market. Their offerings, such as Declaration D’un Soir, Pasha de Cartier, L’Envol de Cartier, as well as La Panthère, are well known within the field of luxury designer scents and are reputed for both their elegance as well as their sophistication. Prices on colognes from the house start at only $25 on our website. At Fragrancebuy, we specialize in authentic perfumes and beauty products which are sure to garner compliments at any special occasion!