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The best of Canvas and Concrete, the ultimate fragrance primer at Fragrancebuy Canada.

How it works

1. Spray a layer of this primer where you normally spray your fragrance

2. Apply your fragrance on top. The fragrance will lay on top of the primer, keeping a lasting and truer scent

The Benefits

1. Boosts performance of your current fragrances and creates a long lasting scent

Having a natural barrier between your scent of choice and your skin, reduces the amount of absorption into your body, therefore allowing the scent to stay on the surface

2. Keeps the scent honest

By applying a primer to your skin before adding your perfume or cologne, the scent will not mix with your PH or body funk and ensures the scent is true to what you smelled in department store's blotter paper or in a magazine and what the designer intended.

3. Less is more $

By keeping the scent laying on top of the skin, less perfume or cologne is needed to ensure that your scent goes as long as you do. So in other words, spend less on your scent which is by far more expensive than canvas & concrete.