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The best of FLO atomizers and accessories are now available at Fragrancebuy Canada.

Spray Fill Perfume Atomizer

Designed to make it easy to take any brand of perfume anywhere, the FLO Spray Fill Perfume Atomizer is compatible with all perfume brands and types. This innovative and unique travel atomizer spray-fill choice works with every perfume or cologne on the market. Simply spray the fragrance right into the atomizer and once its full you're good to go!

Pump FIll Fill Perfume Atomizer

Pump-fill atomizers only work with perfume brands that have removable sprayers and pumps underneath but are much more efficient an faster to fill. Simply remove the nozzle on your existing fragrance and use its existing pump to fill the FLO atomizer. Once done, put the sprayer right back on and you're good to go!


The interior glass container of both of these FLO products preserves the purity of the fragrance while the outer container is strong to prevent breakage. Plus, this atomizer is washable and reusable, so the perfume inside can be changed as often as the customer likes. And even the smallest versions can spray at least 70 times from a single fill.